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Free Gifts with Knife Purchases!
Posted by Samantha on 12/26/2012 to Shopping for Knives

What’s better than brand new knives? Brand new knives that come with free gifts! Currently on ChefProKnives we have a couple different gifts with qualifying knife or cutlery purchases. 

First, any Wusthof flat set purchase ships with the 7-slot Wusthof in-drawer dray, model number 8000. This item is perfect for those with less counter space to sacrifice for storing knives. The in-drawer tray can hold 3 larger knives and 4 smaller ones in a drawer without damaging the blades. This tray is 17 inches by 4.25 inches by 2 inches and is a $25 value. The storage tray ships automatically with the purchase of any of the following Wusthof flat sets:

Next, the Wusthof bar board and sharpener set ships free with any Wusthof purchase of $300 or more. This item is available for Wusthof purchases only and is not good towards any other brand. The Wusthof two stage sharpener has two slots for both coarse and fine sharpening. The coarse sharpening stage has two hard carbide steel blades that are crossed, while the fine sharpening stage utilizes ceramic rods for honing. These two stages sharpen to 28 degrees. Blades with serrated or scalloped edges should be sharpened in the ceramic fine stage only. The bar board included with this set is 6 inches by 9 inches and great for smaller tasks or party serving. This set is automatically added to your qualifying purchase.

Additionally, there are two offers that are mail-in rebates from Wusthof. For any $150 purchase of Wusthof cutlery shoppers can send in a form to Wusthof for a free storage unit. Choose from a 9-slot block for countertop storage, the 7-slot in-drawer tray for hidden drawer storage or the 12 inch magnetic strip that mounts to the wall for out of the way cutlery storage. If you need to store a honing steel or kitchen shears, the countertop block is the best storage option to account for these items. Offer expires 12/31/12 and is valid towards Wusthof purchases only. 

Finally, for any $200 purchase of Wusthof cutlery, customers qualify to receive a free subscription to Food & Wine Magazine for a year. This is a mail-in rebate and forms must be postmarked by 3/1/13 with purchases made by 12/31/12. This rebate is good towards Wusthof purchases only. 

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