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Kai Wasabi Black Block Set - 10 pc

Kai Wasabi Black Block Set - 10 pc

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The Kai Wasabi Black 10 Piece Knife Block Set furnishes your kitchen with a full selection of knives of both traditional Japanese and Western styles, stored neatly in a handsome wooden knife bock. Comprised of a 4” Paring Knife, a 6” Utility Knife, an 8” Chef’s Knife, a 6.5” Santoko, a 6.5” Nakiri, a 9” Bread Knife, a 9” Yanagiba, a set of Kitchen Shears, a honing steel, and an 11-Slot Knife Block, this set leaves your kitchen well-equipped for nearly any tasks.

Your go-to knife for controlled tasks, the short and petite Kai Wasabi Black 4” Paring knife excels with peeling, paring and coring. This blade manages detailed work well, such as chopping and mincing small vegetables and garlic. For slightly larger tasks, reach for the narrow and straight blade of the Kai Wasabi Black 6” Utility Knife is at your fingertips. This utility knife offers exceptional versatility, excelling with meats, cheeses, fruits and vegetables, and proving handy when assembling sandwiches.

As your kitchen tasks grow in size, the Kai Wasabi Black 6.5” Nakiri makes short work of chopping copious amounts of vegetables, easily shredding lettuce and more with swift and clean handling. For versatility with meats, fish and vegetables, reach for the Kai Wasabi Black 6.5” Santoku. This wide, slightly curved blade is perfect for chopping, mincing and slicing. 

The Western-style answer to the versatile Santoku, Kai Wasabi Black 8” Chef’s Knife offers the ultimate multi-purpose blades, with a curved belly that excels with fine mincing. Utilize this blade for chopping, dicing and slicing meats, fruits and vegetables that require a little more length than the Santoku offers. For carving roasts, poultry and fish, reach for the long and narrow blade of the Kai Wasabi Black 9” Yanagiba, as its super clean slices retain their flavorful juices for maximum flavor. With larger foods that benefit from a serrated blade, the Kai Wasabi Black 9” Bread Knife readily manages a variety of crusty, delicate and chewy bread loaves. With its wide serrations, this long blade excels with thick, tough-rinded vegetables and fruits as well. 

To assist with miscellaneous chores around the kitchen , the Kitchen Shears open packages, snip herbs and cut flowers. Cleaning is effortless as this pair of shears cleverly unhinge to come apart. To keep your Kai Cutlery set sharp as new, the Kai Wasabi Black 10 Piece Knife Block Set tops off its offerings with a 9” honing steel. With normal use, blades’ edges become misaligned, and periodic honing will gently re-center the edge to perform like new. Lastly, a lovely, 11-slot laminated block provides secure and safe storage, and offers 2 open slots for additional knives.

Comprised of knives from both worlds, the Kai Wasabi Black series uses Daido 1K6 high-carbon stainless steel to make their blades, for extraordinary sharpness and edge retention. The Japanese-style blades feature a razor-keen single-bevel edge sharpened to a 16˚ cutting edge, while the Western knives offer an impressively keen, double-bevel edge sharpened to 16˚ each side, for a 32˚ cutting angle. Blades are then graze-finished for a handsome brushed-steel look. Formed from polypropylene synthetic resin, each handles is crafted into an traditional Japanese shape. For best results, hand-wash your Kai Wasabi Black cutlery.

The KAI corporation has been producing exceptional cutlery for more than one hundred years in Seki City, Japan. The Kai Wasabi Black 10 Piece Knife Block Set offers a limited lifetime warranty with complimentary lifetime sharpening service provided by Shun.

  • Paring Knife 4"
  • Utility Knife 6"
  • Chef's Knife 8"
  • Nakiri 6.5"
  • Bread Knife 9"
  • Yanagiba 8.25"
  • Honing Steel
  • Shears
  • 11-Slot Block
  • Kai Wasabi Black Series
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