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Specialty Cutlery

Specialty cutlery available from ChefProKnives includes various kitchen utensils that should be part of any chef’s arsenal. These items have specific uses that make many cooking tasks easier, and some are essential for achieving specific cooking goals concerning cooking with meats, seafood or batters. 

Specialty cutlery consists of the following items:

  • Melon Ballers - small spoon-like tool for cutting fruit into round or oval, even shaped bites
  • Meat Tenderizers - hammer or mallet shaped tool made of metal or wood, used to tenderize meat prior to cooking
  • Lobster Prongs - used for pulling meat out of lobster or crab legs
  • Fishbone Tweezers - tool for gently pulling bones from fish without ripping the meat
  • Fishbone Pliers - same as fishbone tweezers but with a more narrow tip for tighter spaces and a spring loaded handle for better handling
  • Skewars - thin metal or wooden stick for holding food together, commonly used for grilling
  • Needles - various needles including trussing and larding needles
  • Cork Screws - tool for removing cork from a wine bottle
  • Garlic Presses - tool for crushing fresh garlic cloves
  • Bone Splitters - knife specifically designed to split thin to medium sized bones in various meats
  • Bone Saws - saw used for splitting medium to thick, hard bones in meats
  • Oyster Openers - special tool for cracking open oysters, muscles or clams
  • Spatulas - broad, flat, flexible blade often made of plastic used for mixing, scraping or spreading liquid or gel ingredients like cake batter
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